artist statement

Artist Statement

Helle Kvamme is a Norwegian artist based in Sweden

Her performance/sculptural practice explores everyday systems, be they financial technological or nature itself.

She uses such simple tasks as mimicking, imagining, sketching, waiting, smelling, climbing listening, walking, lying down and dancing to explore the co - existence of ecological and monetary value systems. She creates a dialogical space of encounter with her Audience through photography, film, movement, found objects and organic materials.

Fundamental to her practice is the creation of new platforms where artists can meet and dialogues can emerge. For several Years, her place of research and point of departure has been a hazel forest on the coast of sweden. She invites people there to interact, work and engage with the forest as physical space but also with its immaterial nature: how can we read time, light, sound and movement in this environment.


S├Ąttra 20

38793 Borgholm

Skype: helle.kvamme



Sensing Vang


18-26 Maj 20

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